I love LinkedIn. I think it is great place to network with professionals that may have never been possible before. It is a powerful tool to share ideas, successes like job changes and just stay in touch. It is a place to get noticed.

It can also get cluttered with garbage similar to those ‘other’ sites. I am not the LinkedIn police (LIPD?) but I am guessing that others might feel the same.

When we like something on LinkedIn, we are saying that we want to share this with our network. This is important enough that we wanted everyone else to see it.

Here are 8 things that people post and ‘like’ on LinkedIn that are annoying.

1. New profile photos. Selfies in the car, Kissy face, sexy glamour shots, and the mirror shot where we can see you holding your phone. All awkward. Not sure why we should ‘like’ profile photos at all. Seems a bit creepy.

2. Math problems 7+7×7/7-7×0 = ? What’s the point?

3. Word searches. What is the first word you see? If all of us would just choose the word delete…

4. Job postings that say apply here at this link jobs.company.com or email me at janedoe@company.com. Then 200 people write ‘please review my profile’ in the comments. Those people should be immediately disqualified for not following directions. If we like a job post, it’s to share it with our network. Many of us love helping others find their next thing.

5. Inspirational quotes. Often misquoted or attributed to the wrong person. Simply posting or liking an inspirational quote doesn’t mean anything.
If we feel compelled to contribute, we could:
-Write about how this applies to us.
-Write how it changes our perspective.
-Write a quote of our own.
-Make a public commitment on what we are going to change to live the spirit of the quote.

6. Pretty pictures. Unless you are a professional photographer showcasing your work, we don’t need these.  A picture of an island paradise from Facebook/search engine/friend’s vacation is not important.

7. Meal reports. Unless you are a professional chef showcasing your dishes, no one cares what you had for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Someone won’t like this one, that’s OK.
8. The kid that appears to have been sick in a hospital bed holding a sign that says ‘can I get 1,000,000 likes’. I am positive that this one started on Facebook and copied over to LinkedIn. Most of us see this recirculated every few weeks when it is ‘originally’ posted by someone else. If we add all the connections that liked this in the past year, I am sure it has reached 1 million. I hope he is all better. Can we be done now?

Have other annoyances? Post them in the comments!

Note: This is an off topic post to my usual posts. If it isn’t what you expected from me, I’m sorry for the rant. Tune back in Monday for a new, more relevant post!