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This ties into “Look at them” that I published last week.

Are you envious/jealous? Then, copy our success. Here is our exact formula for today. Here are the keywords we buy. Here is our customer list and market segments. Here is the price our customers pay. Here is the # of things we sold. Here is our profit margin %.

Get your best people. Get your best systems. Analyze the stats. Make a fancy formula. Develop a strategy around us. While you are doing that, we will be over here focusing on the fundamentals that made us win from the beginning.

Our formula changes every day. If you get better, then we must get better as well. Our best people will beat your best people every time. Go ahead, undercut us in price. Hang a “under new management” banner out front. Advertise directly to our customers. Our customers will pay more for better.

If you can beat us by copying, we are doing it wrong. No one ever won by copying. We won by doing it better.

This may sound arrogant but it isn’t about me or my specific operation. It is about looking back at others and trying to copy their success. It is about consuming yourself with what/how they are doing. You can copy them or you can find a way to do it different/better/cooler.

Have the courage to be different. Have the courage to destroy the copier and make your own magic.

Can you succeed without looking at them and copying?

I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes. – Jimi Hendrix

Scene from Office Space

Scene from Office Space