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1. We met her after she had selected us from a list.
2. We saw her again the next week.
3. We spoke to her once a week or so when she was with us.
4. She had a billing issue and we resolved it quickly.
5. We messed things up a couple more times and she kept coming back because we took care of her and made sure not to repeat the same mistakes.
6. She wrote a review. She made her boss stay with us. Her boss loved it. Her boss told others.
7. She went ‘undercover’ and gathered the list of competitors. She shopped them. She gave us the ‘intel’ on the other competitors. She helped us book some new projects. The competition were no longer competitors. We had the best sales person.

1. It’s nice when they decide to do business with us the first time.
2. It’s good when they become regular customers.
3. It’s better when we develop a rapport with a customer.
4. It’s great when they have a problem and it doesn’t phase our relationship.
5. It’s awesome when they keep coming back no matter what. Errors (recovery from) are a chance to make a lasting impression.
6. It’s fantastic when they become raving fans and convert others. – Most of us stop at this step. Word of mouth is “sales”, right?
7. It’s best when they become our defacto sales force and do the work for us.

She is real and not the only one. Have you ever been so passionate about a business that you became a sales person? Maybe it even inspired you to join them, or start your own version.

How much time do we spend turning customers into sales people? It’s not easy. In fact, it may take months or years. It may take time that we don’t have. If we don’t have time to turn customers into sales people, we might have time for reports on why our sales aren’t good enough. If it’s our own business, maybe we’ll find time to liquidate and move on.

From 1 to 7 isn’t the only way. We might have 4 or 15 steps. There is no right or wrong answer or order. Take the time to write it out. Take the time to identify the steps, but don’t mistake one for the other.

The best sales people already buy from you. Have the courage to turn a customer into a sales person. Have the courage to covert our best push past fantastic to best.

Do you have a story about converting a customer into a sales person (or becoming one)? Do you have a story about how you missed a step and an opportunity? The readers would love to hear about either in the comments below.

Special note: I recently learned that she is battling a second round of aggressive cancer. I knew that she was more than just a customer and a sales person, but I didn’t realize that she became a friend. My thoughts are with you CC.