Cutting the Cord


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cut the cord

For as far back as I remember, I have always had cable TV and a landline phone. Recently, I cut the cord. There are blogs about cutting the cord on cable but this isn’t one of those.

I realize that I may be late to this party so I was reflecting on why it took so long. While I was tired of regular price hikes and calling to renegotiate, it wasn’t about the money. It wasn’t even about the increasingly terrible service from the cable company.  Saving $2000 a year was certainly attractive but that wasn’t it.  I just wasn’t using it. I didn’t need 100’s of channels of nothing on. While we all like a little entertainment, watching some of these meaningless TV shows has zero positive impact on how our life turns out. Should I care who The Bachelorette chose?
There are countless laws, rules, policies, routines, items, processes, procedures, signs, and people that restrict our progress.

Sometimes it’s hard to cut the cord.

For us, it might be:
-an expense.
-a policy.
-a report that no one reads.
-a bad relationship.
-a bad boss.
-a bad employee.
-that pile of clothes that we don’t wear.
-that rv/boat/bike/treadmill that we were into for a few weeks.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of something that has (perceived) value. Maybe it’s hard because we will have to admit that:
-it had little value to start.
-it’s no longer relevant.
-it’s difficult to cancel (it’s easier to just keep it).
-we had it too long.
-we wasted time and/or money.
-we might have to find a way to live without it/them.
-we might have to pack our things and move on.

Canada has recently enacted one for one  laws. For every new law, they must eliminate one. British Columbia even experimented with 1 for 2 laws to clean up the clutter.

Here are the scissors. Here is the phone. Here is the web link (that they don’t want us to know about). Here is the keys to the moving truck. Go ahead. Cut that cord out of our life.

Have the courage to evaluate and eliminate the cords. They are just holding us down.

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