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taste success

The only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you – Zig Ziglar

Tasting success is great. It’s delicious. We can savor it. We can remember when we first had it. Hopefully, we can remember when we last had it.

– we miss it.
– our stomach growls.
– we wonder why we haven’t had it lately.
– we can picture it. It’s right there, easy to devour but we can’t get our hands on it.

When it’s been awhile, our mouth might water. We might be so hungry for it that we stumble over ourselves to find it. No matter how hard we try; the recipe isn’t there. Something is off. The temperature just isn’t right. Maybe we have our hands on it but we don’t have the utensils to enjoy it without choking.


Relax. Step back.

What was in the recipe that made up that success last time?
Did we have the right ingredients?
Was it our skills?
Was it our team?
Was it luck?
Was it our unrelenting drive?
Did we love that thing more than the current thing?
Was the timing right?
Was it our approach?
Was it just our specialty?
Were we in our element?

If we master the dish, we might have fun producing it a few more times but it might get old. Maybe some of the things from the recipe were key ingredients though.

Part of the pleasure of success is the challenge of mixing the ingredients. Part of it is the patience in waiting for perfection. Part of it is sharing it with others. But, maybe it’s only delicious to us.

Have the courage to find the basics of what made us successful last time. Have the courage to find the right recipe for our next success. Make it so successful that they drool when they think about it.

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