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Follow up to last week’s Tasting Success.

Throw out the articles that tell us “10 things you have to do to be successful” (Although those articles get a lot of traffic, maybe I should write those). They can inspire us but how many times have we changed what we do because of a list of “top 10”? Probably never.

When we read those top 10 lists and we see 2 that don’t apply, we tend to tune out and move onto the next article…but this one has 8 things. Maybe it will be the right 8 for us? Nope, this one also says we have to wake up at 4am and exercise. I don’t like waking up at 4am. I do most of my writing at night. I guess I’ll never be successful.

Next article…only 6 things and doesn’t include waking up at 4am. I found the best one ever written because it supports what I already believe.  It’s easy to find examples to support our theories. Bill Gates did x every day. Steve Jobs did y once per week. Warren Buffet wakes up at xxx every day.

How many times have we changed what we do because of a list of “top 10?

Aren’t we all unique? Why can’t we make our own list? Maybe it’s 4 things in which we are already proficient. Maybe a certain 4 are our specialty. When we do them all in synchrony, we create magic. Maybe we are awesome at something that no one else can do. It’s possible our list includes one thing that we want to challenge ourselves to improve. Maybe accomplishing these things feels like success, even if we are the only ones that know.

Maybe we define success differently than they do. Maybe the list of “10 things every successful person does before 5 am” is not really us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be the exception.

Knowing why is the first ingredient. This is what drives our true north. This is what tells us where we are headed. This is the foundation of everything we are trying to accomplish.

Maybe this will help us make our own list of the top 10. Or maybe ours is 11 or only 7.
1. Why (not how) do we do what we do?
2. Define our mission (not goals).
3. Define what has worked in the past.
4. Define why it worked in the past.
5. Define what should work in the future.
6. Define the players involved critical to the mission.
7. Define current realities.
8. Define (likely) future realities.
9. Define expectations.
10. GO GET IT!
11. Adapt and change as needed.

Nobody knows what we can do to be successful better than ourselves. Dig deep and look back to see what has worked. Make adjustments to the present situation and make it happen! Define yourself through your successes.

Have the courage to define our own keys to success. Have the courage to taste success at different levels. Have the courage to find success in whatever we decide to create. Our recipe for success may not be what they ordered, but they’ll still love it.

Special Thanks to Reid Crickmore for helping me with ideas and some editing this week.

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