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screaming customers

The contract included 6 places to initial and 2 places for signature ON ONE PAGE.

Most of the initials are things they want to add on but we have to sign to waive them. We have to adapt to their insanity.
___Another insurance.
___Another insurance (really?).
___Roadside assistance (do we have to tow your car back to you of it breaks down?).
___Fuel (yes, we understand that you will gouge us if we don’t fill it up, or we can let you rip us off now).
___Car is in xxx condition and any other scratches will lead to more fees.
_____________I understand the charges
_____________I understand the 6 things I initialed and the other thing I signed.

That is 8 places to put pen to the same piece of paper. Some “hi-tec” agencies let us go through screens of the same boxes on a tablet.  I used to have a frequent customer card that allowed me to bypass some of this garbage but they still gave me a folder of 42 reasons to “hold me accountable” to whatever rule they decided to add.

Either way, the font is 4 pt. in size and impossible to read. If everyone took the time to read it, the company would go out of business because it would take 4 hours for each customer.  They might blame it on the lawyers but the reality is that there is no trust and the solution is red tape.

Hotels used to (some still do) require a registration card. It ended up inundated with a similar set of rules and policies.
___You don’t have a pet with you.
___You won’t smoke in the room.
___You won’t party in the room.
___Provide your license plate #.
___You understand the fee (and other fees if you break the above rules).
_____________You agree to pay us.

Isn’t trust a two-way street?

Try reading any EULA (End User Licence Agreement) from virtually any software. If their software blows up our computer, not their problem. Just don’t make software that blows up our computer, then no agreement needed.

There is a sign on the lawnmower, “don’t put your hand under the mower while it’s running”. Yes, they were sued and that was the solution. Was it the only solution? Was the solution to protect the consumer or the company?  Did no one ever do it again?

Even with these waivers, contracts, and warnings, things still go wrong. There are still lawsuits. There are still negligent people and businesses.

Are we all lacking so much common sense that we have to have our hands held to use a product or service? Isn’t trust a two-way street? Do we have any personal responsibility for our actions? Are we in a business that is so greedy, that our customers have to opt out of our costs/policies?

I will concede that these are first world problems but I think it is indicative of a larger problem. Is faith and trust lost for good? Are we all guilty until proven innocent?

Have the courage to make it easy to do business. Have the courage not to criminalize the customer before we let them buy. Have the courage to just say no to red tape.

I had to rent a car today. #signhere #initialhere

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