Surf Dog 2015

A few weeks ago, I spent the whole day at a place I don’t particularly like. It’s dirty. It seems to follow me for days. It was hot and humid out. I grew up in San Diego and I don’t like the beach, mostly because of the sand (tough life, I know).

Charitable contributions are part of many cultures (churches, communities, businesses). Sometimes we do it as individuals, sometimes as a group.

On that day a few weeks ago, our group of hotels was out sponsoring the Helen Woodward Animal Center – Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon.

I talk about what I do and where I give. Many people give time, money, food, and/or resources anonymously. Here’s a few selfish reasons why I give, and then why I talk about it. It may be different for you. I am not claiming to be better in any way.

Feels good (Selfish)
I am very proud of my efforts in the community. I love to feel like I am helping save a life or make life a little better for someone in need. I get a rush when I see that I made a difference.

Someone may think “He does it to make himself feel better. He’s self serving.”
That is not accurate but I don’t mind if people think/say that.

It helps build my network. I meet other people. We already align with a cause so maybe we align in other ways.

If we team up for the cause, maybe our efforts will go further. Maybe we even have business for each other which will allow us to give back even more.

Pay it forward/
back (Selfish)

It allows me to give back to the community that supports me. By giving to causes relevant to me, I pay it forward/back.

Marketing 101 (Why I talk about it
I share stories because I want to inspire others to follow. It’s not about my efforts but it’s about how and why I chose them. It’s about the story of the cause, not mine.

It’s about the story of the impact. It’s about marketing those efforts to others.

I talk about what I do to others. Even if that means they:
– choose a different cause.
– give in different ways.
– choose not to talk about what they do.

Everyone will make their own choices on how, what, where, and, why. I totally respect that. Would you like to share a story about a cause that you are passionate about? I’d love to hear it in the comments!

This past Friday, our same group of hotels accepted an award from the American Red Cross. This year’s video isn’t live yet, but it’s similar to last year when we won the same award.
Every year, we help the local Veterans Affairs assemble holiday meal kits.

Each year, through various events, our hotels raise over $100,000 for Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

Four to eight times per year, I train with my local CERT team and the American Red Cross. I am preparing to help my community in the event of a disaster.

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