I recently crashed while riding a very expensive mountain bike through a canyon AT NIGHT. I shattered my collarbone and had to have surgery. It’s painful and the medical bills are piling up (even with my “gold insurance”).

I admit it. I complain sometimes. I make less money than I made before. There are too many rules. The government is ineffective. My back hurts.

Most of my problems are ‘first world’

I’m fed up with my complaining and that of many other people.

There are probably 7 billion people that would happily switch places with me (or you). I haven’t done a study. I pulled a number from the air. 99% of studies that I do are made up (I don’t finish the other 1%).

Why do I say 7 billion? There are 7.3+ billion people in the world. I think I am one of the luckiest people in the world. Call that ego, but the point is that I am damn lucky. I have clean water and plenty to eat in a great city/country, a healthy family, employment and medical insurance.

There are countless people that complain. Some complain about Wall Street, politics, and/or religion. Yet, others complain about [seemingly] nothing. There are very few that tell us to shut up and appreciate what we have.

Many brave men and women have fought for the right to say what we want (in many countries). Yes, we may have the “right” to complain, but that doesn’t mean we should.

I can’t complain but sometimes I still do – Joe Walsh, ” Life’s been good

In the U.S., it is easy for the media to capture the 100-person march to end ___ (whatever they feature this week)___. It would be far more difficult to capture the other 322 million that are indifferent. Tweeting to their base of 100 [like minded] followers doesn’t do anything.

Should we complain or try to change it? Should we try to change it if only 100 disagree? What is the tipping point? 1,000? 1,000,000? Is it 51%? What about the other 49%? If it’s that divided, maybe it doesn’t matter. That’s right, maybe your “cause” doesn’t matter!

I can only speak to my observations, but a huge majority of people I meet are indifferent. Even most of the passionate ones on either side are all talk.

“Actions speak louder than words, but silence is golden”

The super passionate people on either side are the ones that act. They might fund a campaign, donate to the cause, march on Washington/Wall Street. There might be equal numbers fighting against that same cause.

No matter where we might stand on politics or religion, true progress is open to our interpretation. If our thing just ‘won’, it’s progress. It probably doesn’t matter to us if it pissed off the others.

What if we all had the courage to complain less and appreciate what we have? When should we have the courage to recognize that what is important to us, may not be to others? When should we ‘fight to the death’ to stand up for what we believe? When should we just shut up and stop complaining?

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