I feel like life gets busier and busier. It seems like every week flies by faster than the last. I have been trying to slow things down. Over the past few years, I have been spending more time being a better father. I now rarely miss a school performance or other special event. I have been taking time soak in the little moments like the bonus wave.

I often hear people say, “I can’t do that. I’m busy.”

Yep, you are the only one that is busy.

“Lack of direction, not lack of time is the problem. We all have 24-hour days.
– Zig Ziglar

People love to tell us how busy they are. This term ‘busy’ has invaded our lives. It can be true. We can be busy.

We can be busy with a specific commitment. We can be busy with volume. We can be busy with what is important to us. We are often busy with what is not important to us. Maybe it was handed to us. Maybe we aren’t passionate about it.

Often, “I’m too busy for that” is dishonest. Usually, the reality is that we don’t want to make time for that. It’s amazing how much time we can find when something truly important comes up.

Some of us are busy trying to look busy.

Do we make time for causes that are important? Family? Health? Family health? Our charity? Our work? Our art? Our tribe? Our future?

We all have to prioritize. We are all busy. We all have missions that are important to us.

What if we said “no” more often? What if we took a stand and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t think that is important to me right now”. If we are less busy, we could say yes when the important things come up.

Have the courage just to say no. Have the courage to be honest. Have the courage to put the most important things first.

How do you stay not too busy? What’s your strategy for building ‘you time’ or other time into your schedule?

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